All my old lives
have rolled
into the one with you
my life has changed
in a whispering
of farewell and bon voyage

I am Janus-faced
towards bow and stern
yestering and tomorrow
I am set against
a wind of transformation

Oh let me disembark
onto the promised soil
now resting under
the Gods

Let me live
this new life. The one
you hold


You boarded you set sail, you’ve made the passage
Time to disembark. If it’s for another life, well there’s nowhere without gods on that side either.
Marcus Aurelius 

Now for the other life. The one
without mistakes
Lou Lipsitz

This was written as part of the Experimental Strategies workshop conducted by poet Robert Vas Dias for The Poetry School in London, 2007.

It was included in the limited edition anthology  Stratagems .